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What brings you here, lover? 

Is it my inviting smile and warm embrace that you’ve missed? Or, are you craving something more carnal? Has my slender, modelesque figure gotten your imagination stirring? The most important question though, is would you like to create life-long, delectable memories with me? 


When I greet you, you’ll first be struck by my gorgeous Eurasian features and tall, slender figure. I always say hi with an inviting smile that will have you melting in my soft doe eyes. And while yes, I do make excellent eye candy, this is only the beginning to what makes my beauty.


My welcoming, judgement-free energy is enveloping and contagious. I have often been told that meeting me feels like reacquainting with someone you've already had a lifelong connection with. I’m down-to-earth, and have a good head on my shoulders to match. I enjoy the decadent and delicate things in life, and if you’re here reading this, I expect you’re the same.  Just think of all the fun we could get up to together…


What I am most interested in is fostering a special connection with you - I will give you a space where you feel heard, understood, and accepted. Let’s explore the boundaries of human connection together, and savour the beautiful intimacy that comes along with that.

Black Tights (Standing-Back-Landscape)-2.jpg

Eurasian Beauty 



Late 20's


5' 8''


125 lbs


Europrean & Japanese





Dress Size

0 / 2

Shoe Size

US 8 / EU 38


32B + S or 2


Full-bodied red


Japanese, Italian, French


Let me give you a little insight into who I am. 


A part time hotel sheet reviewer, sunset chaser, and pleasure seeker - if you can keep up with me, you’ll find that I know how to make the most out of life. I seek out beauty in the natural world around us, in the calm moments of daily life, and in budding romances bursting with chemistry. I am, like you, an enjoyer of the finer things. Life is too short to waste on dull experiences and mediocre sauvignon blancs. 


My personality is confident, reassuring, and adventurous. I love exploring the world - and all of it’s wondrous cuisines, too! One of my best qualities is my ability to make you feel so at ease, that you feel comfortable to come explore with me. I’m a grounded, sensual woman who knows what she likes. I've been told I'm wise beyond my years, but don't let that fool you, I'm brimming with youthful and curious energy.

What about my day to day, you ask? Well, when I’m not ensnared in my latest academic pursuit, I can usually be found connecting with my body through mindful, engaging practises. I practise yoga, both for my body and my soul. I love the mind-clearing, clear energy that floods through me after a particularly powerful release. On the other end, I love to push myself to daring and difficult feats; you’ll never catch me indoors on a sunny day in B.C. I’m always chasing the high of the satisfaction you feel once you get to take in that exhilarating view after an exhausting hike. The reward is so worth the effort.

And of course, after all that body movement, I love to dine. I’ve been called a foodie, and it’s a badge I wear with honour.  I have a refined but adventurous palate. There is something so erotic about a perfectly prepared meal, don’t you think? Take me out to your favourite restaurants and show me your favourite menu items - I adore dinner dates. 

And the rest, my dear, I’ll leave for you to discover yourself - ideally over a nice cocktail or two.

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